Change is Inevitable

Change is Inevitable


change_angel_messenger_marilyn_poscic-657856Have you ever asked yourself how everything in my life is right now? Whether it is concerning your career, relationship, people in your life, where you live, your health, anything. Why are you where you are and how does it make you feel? Are you happy or sad, healthy or not? Happy in your home, relationships? Do you have financial freedom? Are you healthy? Look deep into yourself and if there is something deep down bothering or troubling you, check how your health is at this same moment. Chances are you are feeling unhealthy about something because of this deep down emotional issue(s) going on inside of you. Now ask yourself are you ok with this, OR do you want to change? Know we all have free will to change anything we want in our life.

When I do readings for people I always ask for yours and my best and highest self for today, tomorrow and in the near future. Although I honor and respect the messages I receive from the Angels when sometimes They tell me to deliver a message for someone in the far future sometimes as long as 5 years from now, I really try to concentrate on the here and now. Know that if you don’t like what is going on in your life or what your spiritual adviser or other professional person you may be working with, has to say, YOU and only YOU have free will to change.

Now think about this word change. How does it make you feel? Do you embrace it or are you scared of it? The younger we are the more willing we are to accept and embrace change. Look at a small child. They are not afraid to begin crawling, walking and graduate to riding a bike, first with training wheels then without! Now look at an older person. In most cases they do not want to change anything. They are afraid to change careers. They don’t want to change the relationships in their life. They accept unhealthiness and do not want to relocate into a new home.

Know that change is inevitable. Change is what helps us to grow, to learn, to embrace the life that we truly want to have. To enjoy the freedom of the life that we truly do deserve. So look around you and inside of you. What is it that you need to change to enjoy your life fuller, happier, healthier, to have all the abundance you want in your life for YOU!

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