Learning to Communicate with Your Pets and Animals

This will be a 4 part series beginning on Tues March 12th 6-7:30 pm Az time via Zoom

As a child were you ever told you have a vivid imagination or you didn’t feel like you didn’t fit in or that you were just different from others? Are you affected by other people’s energies (An Empath)? Do you relate to animals better than people and or love your pets as much as people and consider them part of your family instead of just an animal? Do you find your self talking out situations in your life often to animals? Would you like to learn how to better communicate with your own pets or animals? Then chances are you would make a great animal communicator!

In order to better understand and communicate with animals, there are a few main steps you must do to clear your energy and things you should not do in order to understand animals and their way of communicating with you!