New Moon Meditation Tues Dec 12th

New Moon Meditation

Tues Dec 12th 6-7 pm Az time via zoom

The December New Moon in Sagittarius Will Have All 12 Zodiac signs Feeling Lucky

Every month or so, the moon slides between the Earth and the sun, making it look almost invisible from our point of view. This lunation is called a new moon, and in astrology, it offers the collective a chance to reset and recharge. And the last new moon of the year is a particularly special one. The Dec. 12 Sagittarius new moon is all about restoring optimism and brings with it a major vibe shift.

In astrology, new moons offer the start of a new chapter and are great for introducing fresh ideas, beginning relationships, and seeing things from a different perspective. Since Sagittarius is a fire sign that champions bravery and honesty, this lunation is a beautiful time to aim and shoot for the things you want — just be sure not to make any rash decisions before weighing the potential consequences.

“The new moon in Sagittarius will usher in bright, optimistic, and pleasant energy just ahead of the holiday season.

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Dec 12 2023


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