Spiritual Meaning of Colors

Do you ever see flashes of light out of the corner of your eyes? Perhaps you might even see a color in front of you, but it just doesn’t make sense. Or feel or sense a color behind you or even a presence? Please pay attention to this and do NOT ignore it. This could […]

Achieve Comfort, Peace, and Closure with Marilyn Poscic

A spiritual journey often begins with a personal tragedy. For Marilyn Poscic, the passing of her only sibling in 1995 led her down a path of spiritual awakening and discovery of her psychic gifts, ultimately allowing her to bring messages of love, healing, and closure to others through her work as an Intuitive Angel Messenger. Join […]

February the year 2023 adds up to 7 in Numerology

The year 2023 adds up to 7. In numerology 7 means having faith. This is a great year to pray, meditate and have a deeper connection to your spiritual side. February is a 2 month which in numerology means to cooperate. In this month of cooperation, it is even more imperative that you cooperate with […]

You Must Learn to Forgive in order to gain Faith and Trust

Forgiveness is huge my friends! We all have done something bad in our life. I have yet to meet anyone who has had a perfect life, myself included. We have all done or said things we regret whether intentionally or unintentionally.  We all have had others do or say bad to us that hurts. Forgive! […]

Healing with Angels, Elements, Essential oils and Crystals

Natural healing has been around since the beginning of time. After being an x-ray technician for over 20 years and now doing spiritual work even longer, I have many ways to heal myself without the use of western medicine. Let me be clear. I am not advising to quit seeing your doctor (I feel we […]

Are You Prepared

Even if you have not ever lived with a tragedy in your life, one thing hopefully covid taught everyone world wide was to be prepared for the unexpected! I have a 92-year-old adopted mother and she has not ever lived through anything like how covid affected everyone. Perhaps you as well as your love ones […]

April 2022 – Message from the Angels

Our dear ones know We love you All so much!!!What are your emotions and thoughts at this time? Are they faith vs fear? Balance vs disarray? Confidence vs uncertainty? Happy vs sad? Healthy vs Ill? Abundance vs lack?Your emotions rule your thoughts. Thoughts create your words. Your words create action. Your actions create the energy […]

The Seed Moon and April Numerology

The Seed Moon Full Moon April 16 Next full moon will be May 16  Money Tip!Place a silver coin where the moon can shine on it the most during the week of the full moon to bring you unexpected prosperity This is a time to believe in yourself. Select the symbolic seeds for your personal spiritual growth that […]